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JuicyClear AppleWood Tobacco 30ml

This is a highly requested flavour, it's a wonderful blend of mac and ambrosia apples with a hint..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Banana Frost 30ml

If you do not love bananas then maybe this is not your juice, BUT if you do than you will not fin..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Berry-Nanars 30mg

Another highly requested flavour, Berry-Nanars combines the full flavour of a fresh banana and a ..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Black Cherry Tobacco 30ml

A great all day vape. We all know and loved the prime time cherry cigars and this is like the old..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Black Cigar 30ml

This is a famous cigar type cigarette flavour (Captain Black) that is sure to bring back some gre..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Blueberry Tobacco 30ml

This is a wonderful blueberry/tobacco blend that is reminiscent of the prime cigarillos with a wo..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Canadian Full Flavour 30ml

This is a full flavoured Canadian blend while being a bit more robust than our Champagne flavor i..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Canadian Full Flavour Dark 30ml

Our most popular Canadian tobacco flavour now has a close cousin that is twice as bold, with..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Chai Tea 30ml

This is a full flavoured and very slightly sweet vape for those that enjoy the exotic and complex..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Champagne 30ml

This is a wonderful all day vape that is a complex but satisfying canadian cigarette flavour. It ..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Cherry Cola 30ml

Already getting rave reviews this liquid tastes exactly like the famous cherry cola flavour that ..

$18.99 CAD

JuicyClear Cinnamon Roll 30ml

Hot out of the oven and into your atomizer, this is one of the most enjoyable vapes around with t..

$18.99 CAD